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123 N. Main Street, P.O. Box 1478, Brooksville, Florida 34605


Law Offices of William B. Eppley, P.A.
123 North Main Street
Post Office Box 1478
Brooksville, Fl 34605

Ensure your family’s future

The Law Offices of William B. Eppley, P.A. has more than 35 years’ experience as one of Brooksville’s most respected law firms.  The firm represents clients in matters requiring a broad spectrum of expertise including family estates and civil litigation.   Whether the client is the defendant or plaintiff, the Law Offices of William B. Eppley, P.A., can help you secure the future of you and your loved ones with recognized expertise in a variety of legal areas . Contact the Law Offices of William B. Eppley, P.A. for the highest levels of professional and competent legal assistance.

Esteemed pillar of the community

William B. Eppley, P.A. has a long-established reputation in the legal community. The firm often performs as co-counsel with other firms in the area, and other firms frequently refer clients to William B. Eppley, P.A. for assistance. The firm takes pride in taking on tough cases.  Founder and owner, William B. Eppley brings to the table a distinguished reputation that includes 10 years of service as Brooksville’s city attorney, President of the Hernando County Bar Association for two terms, and establishing the local Chapter of the Florida Conservation Association for which he served multiple terms as President. William B Eppley is an outstanding personal advocate for critical legal issues affecting you.

Hallmarks of the Law Offices of William B. Eppley, P.A.:

  • Experience – With more than 35 years of experience, William B. Eppley serves you with extensive knowledge and the ability to provide critical analysis to all sides of a legal issue.
  • Personal attention – The Law Offices of William B. Eppley, P.A. provide total undivided personal attention to your concerns and interests.  Personal conferences are a preferred feature of the firms relationship with its clients.

Your personal lawyers for your life

William Eppley, P.A. counsels clients throughout the years on those areas of law most important to you, including:

  • Probate – It is not a good idea attempt to probate a will on your own. The lawyers at William Eppley, P.A., are skilled at guiding executors through the various stages of even the most complex issues relating to estate distribution.
  • General Civil Litigation – If you have experienced undesired loss or need to defend against a legal claim, William B. Eppley, P.A., offers a wide range of expertise and experience that can aggressively be brought to the table to uncover solutions to complex civil disputes.
  • Wills & Trusts – The worse thing that can happen to your estate is to let distribution default to the state. The Law Offices of  William B. Eppley, P.A. are experts at creating carefully considered plans designed to safeguard the future security of your loved ones.